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International Harvester

Owl’s Head Transportation Museum

Owl's Head logo

On our second run up to Maine, we stopped by the Owl’s Head Transportation Museum, which was well worth the price of admission. Owl’s Head is a working museum, which means that besides the stuffed horse and the rather small bull moose, the collection is all in working order.

Faster: The Quest for Speed

One of the exhibits was Faster: The Quest for Speed. The exhibit will be on hand through 2016.

1915 Duesenberg “Benedict Special” Indy Team Car
The “Benedict Special”, a 1915 Indy team car and the second oldest Duesenberg.

1954 Fabulous Hudson Hornet
My 1954 Fabulous Hudson Hornet


'36 Bomber Coupe
Dick McCabe’s ’36 Chevy Coupe Bomber

1932 Harley Davidson 32-V
1932 Harley Davidson 32-V

1917 Fokker Triplane
1917 Fokker DR.I Triplane

A 1917 SPAD XIIIC.I The SPAD is forever linked with American WWI Ace Eddie Rickenbacker. The SPAD was also the plane that Hobey Baker was flying when he crashed and lost his life.

1923 Fokker C.IVa
1923 Fokker C.IVa Biplane. This particular Fokker attempted a Trans-Pacific flight via Alaska and the Aleutian Chain. It made it to Vancouver. The Fokker Bi-plane in general had a rich history in Alaska’s pre-statehood days.


7.8 Magnitude Nepal Quake

As a resident of Alaska, I am well aware of the destructive power of a large earthquake. Along with many other Alaskans, I have experienced a 7.9 magnitude quake. There are still many here who remember what it was like to live through the Good Friday Earthquake of 1964. That 9.2 magnitude quake devastated South Central Alaska.

There are many organizations that are gearing up to offer assistance to the people of Nepal. If you are so inclined, find one that you are comfortable with and help send some relief.

The American Red Cross is just one such organization:


Tripod tips on the Tanana
Photo credit: Daily News-Miner

The Nenana Ice Classic tripod on the Tanana River tipped over on Thursday, but only traveled 50′, which did not trigger the timer to stop. It wasn’t until Friday at 2:25 pm AST, that the tripod traveled down river the necessary 100 feet, triggering the end of the 2015 Ice Classic.

This year was the 6th earliest breakup of the river ice, since the Classic began in 1917. The jackpot is $330,330.00 for guessing the correct date and time. Preliminary reports show there are multiple winners.

I will not be one of them, since I was a day and two and a half dollars short. I guess I still have to paint that house this week.

Chile & Everest

Two acts of Earth’s power was caught on camera recently:

A hiker in Chile was filming a waterfall in Llianquihue National Reserve, when the Calbuco volcano erupted on 22 April. The last time Calbuco erupted was in 1973. The ash plume was sent over 1000 m into the air.

Calbuco erupts
The eruption of Chile’s Calbuco. Photo credit: David Cortes Serey/AFP/Getty Images


A German climber, Josh Kobusch, was on Mt Everest when the 7.8 magnitude Nepal earthquake struck, triggering an avalanche which roared into the Everest Basecamp on Saturday. Kobusch’s footage of the avalanche is the first to come off of the mountain. At least 18 people died on Everest from the avalanche and over 3300 people have died due to the earthquake overall.

The 7.8 quake was the worst to hit Nepal since the 8.0 that struck in 1934, which all but wiped out the cities of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan.

Nepal Earthquake
Destruction from the 7.8 earthquake in Bhaktapur, Nepal. Photo credit:REUTERS/Navesh Chitrakar

Wet soccer parents

Wettest view in the house

C/O General Delivery


“…Tomorrow I’m leaving for Alaska. I’m going to find an ice-cold creek near the Arctic where that strange beautiful moss grows and spend a week with the grayling. My address will be, Trout Fishing in America, c/o General Delivery, Fairbanks, Alaska.”

— Richard Brautigan … “Trout Fishing in America”

Photo credit: ADN

Bentley’s Saloon


While in Boston for hockey’s Frozen Four, we ran up to Maine and paid a visit to Bentley Warren’s saloon in Arundel. 

A fun bar to visit, and those Nitros go down beautifully. 

The short road trip up to Maine allowed me to check off my final state. I have now been to all 50 U.S. States. 


I was standing at the conveyor belt holding my hiking boots in one hand, while my laptop still lay in a plastic tray. 

TSA: “Is this your backpack?”

Me: “I sure hope so.”

TSA: Is that a large, empty, glass bottle?

Me: I nod. It’s a growler. 

TSA: Right answer.

Me: It’s the only answer. 

TSA: Most people would say: ‘I don’t know what’s in the bag’.

Me: That would be the wrong answer. 

Alaska By Radio Flyer

I’ve seen this vehicle during the summer months a few times, but for some reason never thought to share it here on Circle-To-Circle, even though I know I’ve taken a picture of it at some point.  I received a reminder today from Milwaukee, so I will post this in honor of Wisconsin beating previously unbeaten Kentucky in the Final Four semi-finals.