Of Marten and Men

Lake Time

Quartz Lake

I spent three days last week with some friends out at Quartz Lake. As the pictures show, we had beautiful weather. The two shots above make a great panorama, but I have no idea how to line them up properly on here. Most of the pictures on this trip were taken using the WideLux, and I have not developed the film yet.

Something on our end of the lake seemed to attract a couple of large raptors. At first, we had a bald eagle flying at tree top level above our fire ring. Then a golden eagle took over. Three times it flew down to the shoreline in front of us, only to climb again with empty talons. Twice, it landed in a tree top directly over our heads, surveying the situation. We did have a dog along, but being a mastiff, I doubted that the eagles were interested in her.

An American Marten

After an afternoon of hauling a dock out into the lake to get to the boat, I was relaxing at the campfire ring with my bare feet up on the rocks. A marten had been zipping about the camp, and at one point, the little weasel charged my feet. It looked determined to take a bite out of my toe. When it was within inches, I simply raised my legs in the air, and the marten ran off to the edge of the clearing.

We had two moose feeding in the reeds off the shoreline, and a camp robber landed on my arm, even though we had no food out. Two red squirrels were chasing each other around the camp. One ran all the way to the end of the dock, only to return with the second squirrel right behind it. At one point, the first squirrel ran in front of us and up a tree. The second ran into the circle, looked up at me, and jumped up onto my leg. A quick flick of my leg sent the squirrel five feet up in the air as an offering to the eagles. They declined the offering, and the squirrel skittered off under the deck.

To top it all off… the rainbows were biting.

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