’53 F5

1953 Ford F5
A 1953 Ford F5 with a dump box.

Well, this is Post #1000 on C to C. I need to get out more…

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2 responses to “’53 F5

  • Larry Janicsek

    Mike, Congrats on your 1,000th post on C to C. Always enjoy the varied subjects highlighted. For some reason I thought the 1,000th post would be about: Gopher Sports, Land Rovers or college hockey but hey I’m in awe of 1,000 total posts plus your having the foresight to keep track of the running total. Keep up the your good work!!

    • icefogger

      Larry, I can not take credit for keeping track, wordpress does that for me. If I had been paying closer attention, maybe one of those subjects would have been #1000. As it was, the ’53 Ford photo was just random, and that was probably appropriate.
      Thanks for following.

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