From Canal Park

After making my loop through the UP to Duluth, I had to stop by Canal Park for a visit to Grandma’s Saloon and a walk along the shore. The wind had already been working on the waves, and everything was coated with a slick glaze of ice. Still, it was a nice day to be alongside Superior.

Duluth's Iconic Lift Bridge

I made it over to the city’s iconic aerial lift bridge. The lift bridge began life as an extremely rare transporter bridge in 1905. One of only two such bridges ever built in the United States, a transporter bridge carries a section of roadway across a span – like a gondola. In 1929, the bridge was converted to a vertical lift bridge, which is also uncommon.
The span is 390 feet, and can be raised to it’s full height of 135 feet in 60 seconds.

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