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Henry Ford Museum: Racing

1902 Ford 999

Henry Ford built the Ford ‘999’ in 1902, but he was afraid to drive it, so he hired famed bicycle racer Barney Oldfield to get behind the wheel. Oldfield won many races in the ‘999’ and went on to become one of the country’s first nationally recognized race drivers. The car’s success also established Henry Ford and helped to set up the formation of The Ford Motor Company. Engine: Ford, inline 4-cylinder, atmospheric overhead intake values and side exhaust valves, 1155 cu. in., 70 hp (est.)

1906 "Old 16"

The 1906 Locomobile “Old 16” was the first American car to win an international race, when it won the Vanderbilt Cup in 1908 with George Robertson behind the wheel. “Old 16” cost $20,000 to build. Engine: Locomobile inline 4-cylinder, overhead intake valves, side exhaust valves, 990 cu. in., 120 hp

1933 Willys "Gasser"

This 1933 Willys drag racer was (re)built in 1958 by “Ohio George” Montgomery. Between 1959 and 1966, Montgomery and his Willys “Gasser” won their class at the National Hot Rod Association national championships six times. Engine: Ford V-8, single-overhead cam V-8, 427 cu. in., 850 hp (est.)

1956 Ford F-100

Jerry Unser’s 1956 Ford F100 and Bobby Unser’s Pikes Peak Hill Climb racer. Bobby Unser had won the Pikes Peak Hill Climb twice before he drove this racer to victory in 1959. He would drive this car to victory 6 more times, winning the Pikes Peak Hill Climb nine times out of 13 years.

1956 Chrysler 300-B

Buck Baker drove this 1956 Chrysler 300-B during his NASCAR driving championship that same year. Team owner, Carl Kiekhaefer, won 22 out of 41 races that year, including 16 in a row. Kiekhaefer left racing after dominating the 1955-56 seasons. Engine: Chrysler V-8, overhead valves, 354 cu. in., 355 hp


In 1965, brothers Bob & Bill Summers took Goldenrod to the Bonneville Salt Flats and shattered the land speed record for wheel driven cars hitting 409.277 MPH. Goldenrod’s record stood until 1991. Engines: Four Chrysler “Hemi” V-8s, overhead valves, 426 cu. in., 600hp each

1960 Meskowski Race Car

A.J. Foyt won 13 of the 26 races he entered driving this car, which was powered by the 4-cylinder Offenhauser engine. An “Offy” powered car took the victory lap in 27 Indianapolis 500’s between 1935-1976. Engine: Meyer and Drake “Offenhauser” inline 4-cylinder, double overhead camshaft, 255 cu. in., 400 hp