The Last of the Dragons

When I passed the birder on the Cypress trail, I was on the hunt for one thing: ‘Gator. I was bound and determined to see an alligator, even if I had to start looking over fences and into people’s backyard swimming pools. As luck would have it, I would not have to wait very long, nor resort to such tactics.

This nice ‘gator came swimming upstream 15 minutes or so after I arrived. I took its picture, then this video, followed by a few more pics. I was down to the camera phone at the time, and I had one film camera with me as well.

Alligator on the bank

I sat down and watched the alligator climb up onshore and into a sunny patch to work on its tan. When the birder came along, I pointed it out. She told me those things are “everywhere”. Well, they are not in Alaska, so that makes them unique to me.

Now I want to see a Florida panther.

The blog title was shamelessly, yet respectfully, procured from Peter Fleming’s classic travel tale “Brazilian Adventure”

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