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The Museum of Vanning

Museum of Vanning

On the off day, The Frozen Foursome visited the Museum of Vanning in Hudson, FL. In all honesty, I had no idea such a place existed, but the museum dedicated to the van life style is currently moving into new digs.

Mini Van Collection
Mini Van Collection

The museum is the result of decades of collecting van related items. We stopped by so that The Curator could relay some words of wisdom regarding the world of museums, and the rest of us gave advice based on our own life skills. I have no idea if anything we said was of use to the museum staff, but I do wish them luck. They are obviously passionate in what they are doing, which should be commended.

Bricks for Vans

If you have fond memories of your time in a shag carpet lined Econoline, or just like vans in general, their website is http://www.vanning.com
One can also sponsor a brick, which can have your name, logo, or favorite van likeness embossed on it. Any bricks purchased are tax deductible, and will go to supporting this unique museum.

Personally, I’m more of an Overlander, but I’m sure the van community is its own unique cult which has its own supporters. If you are a member, give their site a look.

Skipper’s Smokehouse


Friday night we went back to an old favorite: Skipper’s Smokehouse. We were here the last time the Frozen Four was in Tampa. The food here is phenomenal and the live music often has a blues feel. The food this time was just as good as we remembered; the grouper rueben is worth the drive up from Tampa Bay.

Abandoned Royalty at Skipper’s

After dinner, we ventured outside to listen to some live music. A “Music Box Event” was being held at the saloon. From what I can tell, “Music Box” gives young, up and coming musicians a place to show off their talents to a large, live audience.

Abandoned Royalty
Jack Samter & Dan Smith of Abandoned Royalty

The bands at Skipper’s were Abandoned Royalty, Surviving the Mile, INKBLOT, A Long Way From Kansas, and Extra Celestial.

A Long Way From Kansas
A Long Way From Kansas at Skipper’s

Congrats to all of the bands on rocking the house.