The Alaska Railroad

Anchorage Depot AKRR
Anchorage Depot

While in Anchorage, we took a tour of the Anchorage Depot of the Alaska Railroad. Founded in 1902, the Alaska RR first hit the rails in 1914. Today, the railroad is owned & operated by the State of Alaska.

Interior of Anch Depot
Inside the Anchorage Depot

The rails extend from the south eastern towns of Whittier and Seward, through Denali National Park, and north to Fairbanks and Eielson A.F.B. The main line has 470 miles of track.

Alaska RR
Alaska RR train getting ready to leave the station. Probably the Glacier Discovery run.

The Alaska Railroad is one of the last flag-stop routes in the country. The Hurricane Turn run allows any passenger to get on or off the train along the route. Just wave a white flag at the engineer, preferably while not standing on the rail.

AK RR cars

In 2015, the Alaska RR hauled 4.29 million tons of freight, and carried 475,034 passengers.

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