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Ybor City

Ybor City

I think this was my third swing through Ybor City, although this trip, I spent a little more time exploring the community northeast of downtown Tampa.

A uniquely historic city, founded by Spaniard Vicente Martinez Ybor in the early 1880’s. Ybor had moved to Cuba to learn the cigar trade, but fled to Key West, when the government learned of his sympathies towards the revolutionists.

The location of Ybor City was better suited for business than Key West, with its good harbor and rail connections. The town quickly grew, and became known as “Cigar City”. At one point, there were over 100 cigar manufacturers in Ybor City, and at its peak in 1929, 500 million cigars were rolled in the city.

Ybor chicken

Today, Ybor City is one of the oldest sections of Tampa, and is a thriving community. Chickens roam the Centennial Park area, and the TECO streetcar line, connects the community with downtown Tampa.

Immigrant statue
Immigrant statue in Centennial Park