Daily Archives: 19 January 2017

C/O General Delivery

Care package

For travelers, an often overlooked service from the USPS is General Delivery. I’ve used it a couple of times, while on the road, to send Rover parts to a town up ahead. This time, I sent some camping gear to Tampa, FL. I didn’t want to lug it through the airport, so I mailed it to myself C/O the United States Postal Service. They were even kind enough to send me an email when the package was available for pick up.

Most cities have one post office location that holds general delivery packages, and this one was in Ybor City. I should note that General Delivery mail will be held for 30 days, after which the mail will be sent back to the sender.

My tent, rain jacket, camping stove & cookware, as well as a few other odds & ends, landed right on time. The next day, I will be out camping, with forty below a distant memory. For now.

Temperature Relativity 

My neighbor left me a message this afternoon telling me it was -63 degrees at my place in Fairbanks this morning. 

The thermometer here in Florida read +84. That’s a 147 degree difference!  If the -63F is accurate, and I have no doubt it is, that would tie the coldest temperature I have experienced in Alaska. 

The really sad thing is that I had to manufacture sympathy, because all I could think of is how thrilled I am to have missed it.