Myakka River State Park

Myakka River SP

I had already reserved a spot at Myakka River, when I talked to the volunteer at Oscar Scherer, who excitedly told me to spend as much time there as I could, and to enjoy the alligators.

Myakka is one of the oldest, and largest of Florida’s state parks, and it really is a beautiful park. With no shortage of trails.

Canopy Walk
Canopy Walk

Unlike Oscar Scherer, the trails are not as easily accessible from the campgrounds. Most of them, you have to drive or bike to the trailhead, which isn’t as convenient, but the park is a busy one and walking along the park road leaves a lot to be desired.

Off of one of the trails, is the park’s Canopy Walk, which is a suspended bridge that allows you to get above the trees’ canopy.

Above the canopy
Above the canopy

It is a nice view, 80′ above the ground.

Airboat at Myakka

The volunteer at Oscar told me that the airboat tour was well worth the time & money. I thought, why not, that could be cool… until I saw the airboat. The cargo van of airboats. Not quite my thing, but it was a long line to get aboard.

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