1956 Powell Sport Wagon

'56 Powell Pickup

I have never seen a Powell pickup, but there is one for sale down in Cleveland, GA. The Powell line of trucks, were built in Compton, California by the Powell MFG Company between the years 1954-57. Approximately 1200 pickups were manufactured by Powell.

Powell toolbox

The Powell had a pull out tool box/cylinder to the right of the tailgate. Perfect for fishing rods.

Powell motor

This Powell is powered by a Plymouth flathead six.

Powell scooter

Powell was mainly known for building scooters and trail bikes. This 1954 Powell P-81 scooter is included in the sale. Both the bike and truck have been restored.
In addition to the 1200 pickups and over 10,000 scooters and trail bikes built, Powell also manufactured 300 station wagons and three motor homes.

The asking price for the pair is $16,000.

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  • Larry

    Thanks, never heard of Powell. Love the pull out tool/rod/rifle cylinder. A number of years ago the designers from RAM trucks must’ve seen the Powell tool cylinder and somewhat copied that idea with the tool storage area they offer.

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