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Organ Pipe – Revisited

I took this photo six years ago, while hiking in Organ Pipe NM. There is a lot going on that demands my attention at the moment, so we will post an old photo for those of you that believe the page is getting stagnate.

“Don’t let the same dog bite you twice.”
— Chuck Berry

RIP Mr Berry


VW Fastback

Minneapolis Auto Show

1948 Chevrolet Official Indianapolis 500 Pace Car

Spent some time with A Sponsor and two of his low level employees at the Auto Show that is taking place in downtown Minneapolis.

It should come as no surprise to anyone, that the classic car section was my favorite part of the show. Not counting the mini-donuts.

VW Double Cab Transporter

A wonderful Diamond T

Brit’s Pub, an Auto Show Tradition

Through the Hammock

45th Iditarod Wrap

Mitch Seavey, with lead dogs Pilot & Crisp in Nome. Photo credit:AP

Mitch Seavey, of Seward, Alaska, won his third Iditarod. Not only did Seavey beat his own record on being the oldest to win the Iditarod at age 57, but he also won the race in record time: 8 days, 3 hours, 40 minutes and 13 seconds.

The elder Seavey already won “The Last Great Race” in 2013 at the age of 53.

Dallas Seavey took second place, with Nicolas Petit coming into Nome five minutes later for third.

Iditarod Update #2

Race map credit: Alaska Dispatch News

As of 09:46am Monday, two time Iditarod winner, Mitch Seavey, was the only musher out of Koyuk. Nicolas Petit had arrived at Koyuk, approximately 45 minutes after Seavey had left. Defending champion, Dallas Seavey, Mitch’s son, was out of Shaktoolik, and running in third.

When asked about Mitch’s performance, Dallas had this to say about his dad: “He’s beating the crap out of us and everybody else in this race. I’m not upset, I’m impressed and kudos to him”. Dallas Seavey is looking for his fifth Iditarod title.

There is 171 miles of trail between the village of Koyuk and the burled arch in Nome.


Iditarod Update

Race map credit: Alaska Dispatch News

As of Friday evening, 12 mushers had reached the village of Huslia, and another two had already left for Koyukuk. Wade Marrs and Dallas Seavey were in the lead.

A great photo of a dog team cruising down the Yukon River between Tanana & Ruby. Photo credit: Bob Hallinen/ADN