Hemingway Museum

Located in Oak Park is the Ernest Hemingway Museum. Most of the exhibits focus on Hemingway’s Oak Park years, but there is information that explores all facets of his life. There are two videos playing on a loop, one of which is exclusive to the museum.

The Isle, an exhibit in the center of the museum, covers Hemingway’s time with both the Kansas City Star and the Toronto Star, as well as his love of nature, and how he incorporated that into his writings.

It was an unexpected gem in Chicago, and I highly recommend it if you are in the Oak Park area.

A block and a half from the museum, is the birthplace of Ernest Hemingway. A Queen Anne style house, built in 1890 by Hemingway’s grandparents. The home was purchased by the Ernest Hemingway Foundation of Oak Park in 1992. A major restoration was then started to bring the home back to the condition it was in when the Hemingways resided there.

It’s a neat house, and well worth the time to tour it. Price of admission to the museum includes the tour of the home. You are free to return a second day to take in all of the exhibits and videos. The volunteers are first rate, and very knowledgeable.

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5 responses to “Hemingway Museum

  • Larry

    What I find interesting is last year in conjunction with the Frozen Four in Tampa I believe you were able to explore Hemmingway in Key West and this year with the F.F. in Chicago you were able to explore him in Oak Park. I’d imagine any traces of him in the St. Paul Area have already been explored by you. It seems to me some of the side trips in conjunction with the F.F. are sometimes almost equal to the games themselves.

    • icefogger

      I did tour the Hemingway house in Key West after the Tampa FF, and I completely agree that the side trips around the FF are just as enjoyable/worthwhile as the games.

  • Zoe Bear

    Thanks for sharing! I’ve known about Key West, but didn’t know about Oak Park. Now it’s on my list.

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