90 Degrees

The South Fork Salcha Fire as seen from Quartz Lake

Fairbanks hit 90 degrees on Friday, which broke the record of 87 set in 1957. It was also the second earliest date, Fairbanks has seen the temperature reach 90. That record is 28 May, which was set in 1947. 90 degrees, is just too damn hot for Alaska, and those temps can stay in Texas. Luckily, temps are dropping down to a more Alaskan-like 75 for Saturday.

Lightning caused the South Fork Salcha fire, which has closed the Richardson Highway tonight near Birch Lake. The lightning strike occurred Thursday morning, and by Friday evening, the fire had reached 3600 acres. I noticed the scent of burning black spruce Friday morning, as I drove to the jobsite.

Summer has reached the Interior.

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3 responses to “90 Degrees

  • Pete

    Hey my friend we have way too many of those 90 degree days here in Texas, and yes even with it at 90 in Fairbanks I would give anything to return home.

  • Larry

    Mike, What is the coldest temperature recorded in Fairbanks in 2017?? I’m interested to know because I want to see what your temp swing ( low temp to high temp ) has been so far this year. Fairbanks has got to have some of the biggest yearly temp differences in the world.

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