Walrus Cam

Getting cozy on Round Island

Walrus Cam on Round Island

This is one I didn’t know about: explore.org has a Walrus Cam out on Round Island in Alaska’s beautiful Bristol Bay. The Alaska Fish & Game offers walrus viewing permits between May 1 – August 15, which begs the question: How many do they issue?

As many as 14,000 walruses have been counted on Round Island at one time. If you go, you will also see tens of thousands of seabirds.

Before clicking on the link above, I should warn you that the Walrus Cam does not have the action of the Katmai Bear Cam. No salmon jumping, or bears catching salmon mid-air.

I will say that a walrus sure knows how to relax when visiting Alaska.

Photo & cam credit: explore.org

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4 responses to “Walrus Cam

  • GP Cox

    There used to be a walrus at Coney Island named Oscar and was sad when he passed away, but I couldn’t get the walrus cam to play anything and reminiscence. So I went over to the Puffin cam in Maine and watched the mom and baby Puffin for a short while. Good stuff!! Thanks.

    • icefogger

      I went to the New York Aquarium when I visited NYC. A very cool place. I know they had walruses, but I imagine it wasn’t Oscar.
      I enjoyed the Puffin Cam too.

  • jonathan olson

    Ok’ the bear cam is cool, but come on fat slabs on the beach……

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