Daily Archives: 25 November 2010



The story this morning is the ice.  Freezing rain overnight has coated everything with it.  I had to run the defroster this morning for several minutes, just to break through to find the windshield.  Stepping out of the motel first thing in the morning, I almost ended up on my ass, but managed to grab the railing just before I went down.  Luckily, I didn’t have my phone in my hand at the time.  I skated over to the tailgate, which was fun in a skateboarder kind of way, but the realization that this was not going to be a stressfree, five hour drive settled in.

The Sundown Motel right on Hwy 12 here in Aberdeen is great!   A motor motel straight out of 1950.  The place is very well maintained, and clean, just a bit time-warped.  The pressure from the old shower head could strip loose paint from the building, and it is above my head!  What is up with these places that have the shower head at chest level?