Daily Archives: 24 November 2010


The snow started to fall again when I was in Bozeman.  The Cats were taking on the Griz in Missoula, and the state was stoked up for the annual football game.  There was a pep ralley, for lack of a better term, in town for students and alum of MSU, so I stopped by briefly to check out the insanity.

The drive from Bozeman to Billings was through six inches of new snow.  The only affect on the Rover was to slow traffic down to our speed.  In fact, I actually passed several people including a line of thirteen vehicles, all in one, slow, methodical shot.  It was euphoric.

The motels in eastern Montana were booked rather solid by hunters.  So I found a quiet side road in T. Roosevelt NP to park the Rover and set up the tent.  Quiet, until the wind picked up and it howled throughout the night.  I could have been back in Alberta.  By midnight, the snow had caught up with us and was falling once again.