Daily Archives: 18 November 2010

I found snow…


Flathead Lake, MT

I’ve left Canada and am back in the U.S.  The drive and the weather in BC were perfect.  At U.S. Customs, the agent just looked at the truck for several seconds before saying, “Wow”.  Yep.  I get that a lot.  Most people think I’m just off my rocker, but the agent was pretty cool, and only gave me minor flak for driving a Rover.  The Customs guy was a Land Cruiser fan/rebuilder.  I didn’t hold that against him.  Overall, I never have a problem at Customs, still… this one was by far the most enjoyable.  A great welcome back.

I hit snow just north of Whitefish, which was the first of any measurable amount since Fairbanks.  A mini blizzard with the blowing wind and some very wet snow.

I drove along Flathead Lake, which is just massive.  A great drive, and Woods Bay reminded me of an older Deephaven, with cabins & cottages right up against the shore of the lake.  Not much room through here, with the lake on one side and a huge cliff wall on the other, very un-Montana, but it was a great drive.