Daily Archives: 13 November 2010

Into BC

I spent last night at Liard Hot Springs.  I ended up renting an old log cabin with no running water, but it did have electricity and a woodstove.  I unloaded my cooler and food, then had a fire burning in the stove within minutes.  Love that spruce!  I had wanted to make Toad River Lodge, mainly because I stayed there on my first trip up the Alaskan Highway.  I remember watching a plane land on the grass runway alongside the highway then taxi up the road to the lodge and parking out front.  That was what I wanted to see.  The pilot got out and then went into the cafe for breakfast.

I decided not to push it to Toad River last night in the dark due to the bison on the roads.  The first one I spotted caused me to mentally ask myself, “Why doesn’t that boulder have any snow on it?”  Then I quickly realized that it was no boulder, but a large lump of shaggy buffalo.  I’m glad I did pull over, because this morning I spotted several small herds of the big beasts on and alongside the road.  Caribou were everywhere, I must have seen hundreds today and I expect to see more tomorrow.  Throw in about twenty big horn sheep and a black fox and you have a great wildlife viewing day.  Crazy.

Bison in BC

Caribou in the Yukon