Daily Archives: 30 November 2010

On to Iowa

A fairly uneventful drive to Iowa from the Twin Cities.  Some minor salt and snow sloppy mix to drive through initially, but the rest of the way the roads were fine for traveling.  As I approached the Iowa border, the wind picked up tremendously and pummeled us until it slacked off a bit near Ames.

I had a sheriff’s car follow me off the highway in northern Iowa when I stopped for gas.  As I parked next to the pump, he pulled  in front of me, then smiled, waved and drove off again.
Just south of Ames, I was in my RoverZone singing along to Howling Wolf, when I realized that a car had camped out just off of my front driver’s fender and four young guys were waving frantically trying to get my attention.  The one riding shotgun then took a picture with his phone and they zoomed off.  I’m assuming we made someone’s facebook page tonight under the heading “Guess what we saw today…”