The Campground

It’s a beautiful morning here in Texas. Temps in the thirties, but with calm, clear skies. We pulled in after dark, so I’m a bit surprised by how many campers are here. The place is near capacity and it looks like the campers intend to stay here a while.
There is an airstream parked across the way with a little fenced in yard. Behind the fence are three blue healer dogs. Next to the bathroom is another airstream that is decked out with Christmas decorations, including an inflatable Santa peaking out the door of an inflatable pull behind trailer.

I’ve gone for a hike this morning and packed up all my gear into the rental car. I’m getting a bit antsy to get back to SA. Peter is in the bathroom warming up. Sounds like he had a miserable night. He brought two lightweight sleeping bags instead of his one good zero degree bag, and he regrets that decision. I’m not sure what he’ll do if he still wants to camp out at high elevations.

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  • The MAO Gang (a.k.a. Megan)

    It seems you’ve avoided communication, for now… How’s your trip going? Make your reply long, I need something to read! For now, nothing is going on in our everyday, normal, average day lives. Except for the fact, we’re expected to get 12 inches of snow between tonight, and tomorrow. To make matters worse, we’re going to have strong winds, freezing rain, and other unknowns. Luckily, you’re safe in Texas, and the Rover isn’t going to turn to ice outside of our house. But I can’t say the same for where you are, and I don’t plan to. But as your trip progresses, and keep us posted. Good-Night Waz from the whole MAO Gang!

  • icefogger

    I thought I was doing quite well on the communication front. The trip is going good, although I probably won’t make this long enough to keep you busy. Enjoy the snow. It is sunny and warm here, which is tough to experience.
    Thanks Megs & Gang

  • The MAO Gang (a.k.a. Megan)

    Well, as you probably might have guessed, we experienced a downfall of snow. That seemed to be storing up for months, and finally let loose. You are doing well, on the communication front, and I hope you will keep it like that for the rest of your trip.
    You’re also doing quite well, with the everyday blogging, and I must encourage you, to keep it like that. Even though I haven’t been able, to visit your site everyday, when I do check it, there’s always something new. Keep it up! It’s getting late, and I should probably be getting ready for bed. By the way, the update for what we’re doing is pretty much nothing, except for the fact AJ has a Rec Hockey Match, up in Anoka, tomorrow evening! Wish us Luck!
    Good-Night Mike, The MAO Gang

  • icefogger

    Thanks Megs. I’ll do my best to keep you all updated, even if it gets more difficult in the coming days. Good luck to AJ with his hockey game.

  • The MAO Gang (a.k.a. Megan)

    I know we’ve been communicating through this one blogging update, but since it seems to be working, I’ll keep it up! Trust me, no matter how difficult it gets to communicate, we’ll always make time! Remember that! AJ, and my mom, just left for AJ’s Coaches house(I think I got that right), because his coach is going to drive him, and others, up to Anoka, and back. So we don’t have to drag the whole family along! In other news, the Minnesota Vikings stadium collapsed around 5 a.m. this morning, because of the large amount of snow, sitting up on the INFLATABLE ROOF! And down it came! There’s still nothing going on it our regular lives, except for the fact I have a “Field-Trip”, to Pioneer Ridge Middle School, this Friday for “Immigration Day”! Wish ME Luck! I cannot wait for this weekend! Wait! Let me change that we do, have a lot going on, in our regular lives! There’s so much to do! We have so much to prepare for, let’s see, “Immigration Day” this Friday, Daddy’s mom’s birthday on the 16th, Daddy’s birthday on the 17th, my baby cousin’s 1st birthday on the 17th, and our birthday on the 20th! Christmas on the 25th, and New Year’s on the 1st!
    See You Later, Mike
    The MAO Gang(a.k.a. Megs)

  • icefogger

    I wish you the best of luck with the field trip to Pioneer Ridge
    I heard you received a little snow and that the roof collapsed on the Dome.
    Sounds like you all have a lot to do with all of the birthdays and there is some sort of holiday coming up as well… That’s right : Winter Solstice is the day after you & AJ’s b-day
    Buenos noches.

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