I can’t afford the cops down here…

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Driving towards Veracruz, I passed through two checkpoints: one was the Federales and the other was military. Both stopped me this time around. The soldiers asked me where I had been and where I will be going. The Federale asked me where I had been, then asked me if I had enjoyed the food, how did you find the people, and then finally he thanked me for visiting Mexico. He actually thanked me.

Now I know why. He knew what was up ahead.

This time the f****** officer was greedy and kept me on the side of the road until he wore me down. He cleaned me out of all the cash that I didn’t have hidden, and it still wasn’t enough, but he finally realized it really was all I had “available”.
I am trying very hard to not get a bad taste in my mouth for Mexico. It is a f******* shame two lazy, corrupt &%#(*!@$ can have such an impact. I can see why most Americans get turned off by the corrupt policia. UGH!

I said “f*** it” and pulled into a very night hotel for $70 U.S. with a beautiful room, a pool, and a very nice bar.

*I already feel better after the beer*
I couldn’t afford scotch.

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