Daily Archives: 10 June 2012

Only You Can Prevent A Siding Job

I went in to work today to try to catch up on the siding installation after all the rain interruptions this past week. As I walked to the back of the house with my compressor, I heard a noise coming from behind the house, but it only registered in a very superficial way, and I continued on anyway. When I rounded the corner, I found myself looking into the coal-black eyes of a black bear that was tearing into a rotting spruce log. I’m not sure which of us was more surprised, but we both quickly backed away from the other. We must have both been curious too, because I stopped at the corner of the building to watch & the bruin stopped in the forest to peer at me through the leaves.

That will get one’s blood pumping in the morning.

Eventually, the bear wandered off & I went to work with only the occasional look over my shoulder.