Daily Archives: 17 June 2012

Happy Bunker Hill Day! Say what?

On this day in 1775, The Battle of Breed’s Hill took place, and Rep. Michael Capuano (D-Mass.) wants a federal holiday to remind everyone. I think this is part of the restructuring of the USPS… add more federal holidays so that mail delivery does not have to take place…

I digress.

As a history nut, I applaud the light given to a significant event in the Nation’s history. That said, I don’t think a Federal Holiday is the way to go. My apologies to Rep. Capuano, but the stretch between Memorial Day & July 4th isn’t too long to go without another holiday added to the calendar. Just my opinion, of course. Let’s face it, everyone should be celebrating Seward’s Day too, but I don’t expect the Powers to Be to make it a Federal Holiday to force people to celebrate it.

The British suffered 1054 casualties during the battle, including 100 commissioned officers. The Americans suffered casualties numbering around 450, with 140 of those being KIA.

Enjoy the remainder of the weekend, and remember: Don’t open the beer for your guests until you can see the whites of their eyes.