Daily Archives: 19 June 2012

Cleveland Blows, A Moose Snorts and the Mercury Hits 80!

The Cleveland Volcano, out on Chuginadak Island, went off this afternoon sending ash to 35,000 feet. The ash dissapated relatively quickly, however.
The photo is from AVO’s “Cleveland Cam”.

This morning I was loading up the last of the old siding into the truck. After finishing up one pile of lumber, I came face to face with the moose above, who had been eating a tree just around the corner from where I was working. I guess the sound of boards slamming into the bed of the truck was not enough to interrupt breakfast. The pile of siding that the moose was hovering over had to wait until this afternoon to go to the dump. That moose simply did not want to leave, and no amount of attempted shooing seemed to work. I guess I have to do a walk around before I start the job in the morning.

Finally, with Solstice on Thursday, summer seems to be showing signs of itself in Interior Alaska. The temps actually hit 80 degrees today, which had me in shock & in shorts. It was a damn, fine day.

I worked both days this weekend to try to make a push on the siding job. The trim needed to get painted and the deck needed stain. Once again the weather didn’t cooperate on Saturday, as I watched the storm clouds come in while I was painting facia boards.
I did get the trim finished and a coat of stain on the deck Sunday, since the rain held off until late in the afternoon. I was dropping off a truckload of the old siding at the transfer site, when the wife of the couple I’m working for swung through to drop off her own trash and offered to buy me a beer at the local brewery.

Part of our conversation over a couple of Old 55’s:

Client: The house looks great. You really know how to polish a turd.
Me: Thanks. You’re trying to give me a compliment, right?
Client: You know what I mean.
Me: That’s not something I want to get around. Next thing you know, I’ll get a rep, then I’ll do nothing but polish turds and they won’t let me near a nice, level house.
Client: There are worse things.
Me: Well, don’t be offended or anything, but that slogan is not going on my tombstone.
Client: You want another beer?
Me: I do now.