If it’s not rainin’, it’s smokin’

Photo courtesy of the Daily News-Miner

Well, we’ve gone a week without rain, and the wild fires are starting to pop up. We had six days in a row with highs over 78 degrees and four of those have been above 80, although that streak did end today. We call that a heat wave in Alaska.

On Sunday morning the Bear Creek Fire, which is 100 miles south of Fairbanks and running parallel to the Parks Highway, was at 1500 acres, 24 hours later it was at 20,000 acres. It started out as four separate fires that joined up on Sunday to give you the photo above. Three of those fires were from lightning, the other was man-made. I haven’t heard the what that final ignition source was.

Interesting tid-bits:
There are 33 active fires in Alaska.
We’ve had 257 fires to date.
117,450 acres have burned in Alaska so far this year.

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