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Churchill’s Rover

Churchill & his Series I

Churchill's Series I Today

Churchill's Wide Seat

A Series I Land Rover, that was custom made for Winston Churchill and given to the former Prime Minister for his 80th birthday, will go on the auction block in October.

The vintage Series I was fitted with an extra wide passenger seat for Churchill’s ample… umm… load, for when he was ferried about his 300 acre Chartwell estate. I realize that the man was a heralded statesman, but making the driver sit on a “jump seat”?! I’m sorry, but that’s just wrong. But kudos to Rover for using a “spare” part from the back of the truck… very frugal after the war and all. I do love this part: 58 years later, this VIP Rover has only 12,000 miles on it. I put more than 12K on mine in the first two years of ownership. Hell, I’ve done trips in mine that were longer than that.

15 years after Churchill’s death, his family sold the old Rover for 150 pounds. The car will go under the hammer on October 20 at Cheffins auction house in Sutton, Cambs. If you’re interested, you will need at least 60,000 pounds to drive it home.

Story courtesy of MAO Inc and The Daily Mail-UK