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“The Locals are a Hoot!”

Building Alaska Hwy 1942

I was listening to the radio broadcast of the Minnesota vs. Minnesota State hockey game this past weekend. During one of the intermissions, announcer Wally Shaver interviewed Minnesota defenseman/forward Justin Holl. Holl was having a great weekend on the ice, but what really grabbed my attention was Wally referring to Holl’s father and his bike trip from Anchorage to Mexico.

In times like this, google is magic.

I won’t go into the reasons, or go into detail about Jerry Holl’s trip. You’ll have to read his blog, and get all that direct from the source. I just love the fact that this guy from Tonka Bay, near where I grew up, made the trip at all. He didn’t train for it, he simply figured that he’d get in shape by climbing on his bike and getting started.

“June 20, 2012 — August 9, 2012 — Alaska to Mexico — 3634 miles — 50 days

One Man. One Bike. One Tent.”

I’ve haven’t read the entire blog, but what I’ve read so far is pretty good. I got a kick out of the picture with the bear spray sitting in his water bottle holder on his bike. Of course, for me, I enjoyed getting his impression of this part of the world that I call home… especially from the pace of a bicycle. Plus, he spotted a lynx along the AlCan… Something I have never seen on any of my many trips on that path.

I’m glad he found the locals to be a hoot, and his blog is a great reminder to get out and experience your own adventure.

Jerry Holl’s Alaska to Mexico blog:

The Cliff Notes Version:

The photo, courtesy of the Library of Congress, is a road camp from the building of the AlCan, circa 1942.