Alaska: Where polar bears roam the streets, and the mail is delivered by dogteam.

fairbanks census 1940
Photo courtesy of UAF Archives: Fairbanks Census circa 1940

Two stories that I found amusing regarding the Outside and their perception of Alaska that I felt honor bound to share. customer service vs. Palmer, AK Resident:
“I wanted to return some Carhartts my 27-year-old daughter gave me for Christmas that would’ve fit me around the time of her conception. …

“The customer service agent (a young fellow located in the Caribbean — I asked) said UPS doesn’t ship to Antarctica.

“I said, No, no, Alaska.
“Oh, Alaska, he says; do you get mail there?
“No, I said, of course not, and we don’t have phone service, either.
“Jeez, he said, I wouldn’t want to live there.”
——–Courtesy of Anchorage Daily News

Hockey News Conference
“As we are approaching the end of the CCHA, I am reminded of so many great stories that this league has told, stories that fans rarely hear. I have to share this one.
It was the league’s media day in 1999, back when the league held such a thing, when all the coaches would gather at Joe Louis Arena and any member of the media who could be present was present to hear what was said and ask what needed to be asked.
That was Guy Gadowsky’s first year as the head coach of Alaska, and there was a question that one reporter who I shall not name really needed to ask. Really.
“Have you seen any polar bears in your backyard?” That was the question. Really.
Gadowsky had just moved to Fairbanks from Fresno, Calif., so he hadn’t been in Alaska very long. And Fairbanks is like, you know, a city. The first-year head coach looked a bit confused and very graciously told the reporter that, no, he hadn’t yet seen any polar bears where he resided in Alaska.”
–Paula C. Weston


A special note of thanks goes out to Weston for picking the Nanooks in both Ann Arbor & South Bend. She’s my favorite USCHO blogger… even before the recent show of faith. I think Weston has become good luck for Alaska Hockey, so I’m hoping for a little more Polar Bear Love this week against No. Michigan. In any case, her blog is well worth the read.

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