Red Rock Canyon


A nice run up to Red Rock Canyon State Park, where I camped for the night. It’s the first time in almost a year that I’ve been camping with The Rover. It is a good feeling.

A beautiful night here in Oklahoma, the stars are out and a wind is blowing up above, but none is making it down here below the rocks. Kind of strange to hear the wind blow, but not to feel it.

The Rover ran extremely well today, and I felt I made good time. I spent much of the day on Hwy 281. Oklahoma did get me with a $1.50 toll tax. 281 merged with I-44 conveniently where it coincided with a toll section. I did dive off at the last free exit to keep the extortion to a minimum. One of the risks with running with a 2005 road atlas.

From the GPS:
450.5 miles traveled
48.7 mph overall avg speed
54.2 mph moving avg
8hrs 18mins behind the wheel

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