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A Good Break Up Should Be Messy

Alaska Style

Overflow Drained

It’s been an odd year so far regarding break up.  The late warming has ice hanging on much longer than usual.  The creek above had backed up, probably due to an ice dam downstream.  Yet, in one day, much of it had drained after the dam broke loose.  The time lapse between the two photos is almost exactly 24 hours.

Fort Yukon, on the mighty Yukon River, was being threatened by ice upstream.  That has broken up and moved on, but I hear the threat from an ice dam downstream on the river is still very real.

Our pond lost it’s ice today, after two days of 78-80 degree weather.  The ground however, is still loaded with ice, and the surface right now is a goopy, shoe grabbing mess of slime & muck.  Rubber knee boots, always in fashion in Alaska, have become less a statement and more of a necessity over the last week.

With 80 degs on the schedule for the entire coming week, I wouldn’t be surprised to see wildfire smoke by Friday.

Life in the North.


I was reminded by Our Sponsor that I hadn’t given the Nenana Ice Classic results.

The Tanana River ice broke up on 20 May at 2:41 pm AST.  It should be noted that the Ice Classic does not acknowledge Daylight Savings Time.  This year was the latest recording of the ice going out.  I believe a couple, appropriately named Snow, won the $318,500 prize.


You can tell I’m back in construction mode:  “Damn” looked completely normal to me.  I’ve since edited, and have removed the damn “n”.  Several times.