Daily Archives: 28 May 2013

High Water

High Chena Full Slough

Back out at the river job.  The Chena has risen a good three feet over the weekend, if not more.  The slough was full, to the point that it was 2 feet over the road at the low point.  The river is at its bank along the property, but it’ll have to rise another couple of feet to cause any wet boots for me.  That’s a lot of water flowing by, and it’s in a hurry to get to the Tanana and then the Yukon.  Tonight the river is at 8.41 feet, which is a jump of a foot & a half in the past 12 hours looking at the NOAA chart.  I’m sure the past two days of 80+ degs has helped give that a boost.  Flood stage is at 12 feet, but at 12′ I’ll be looking for another project to work on for a while.