Daily Archives: 15 May 2013

Pink Mountain, BC to Watson Lake, YT

Muncho Lake

Another long and interesting day on the road.  I had to open the heater valve at Toad River, due to the snow that was pelting me as I filled up the tank.  Luckily, the whiteout left just as quickly as it arrived.

I was happy to hit the Yukon, although it was trying at times to get there.  On the plus side, we had a cornucopia of wildlife for our viewing pleasure.  Another four black bear, countless caribou and big horn sheep, several moose and over a hundred bison.

There was one hill that looked like a bison nursery, with calves sprawled out in the grass among their mothers.  There were also a couple of lone bulls that just looked ornery, and damn are they big when you’re sitting eye-level to them in an aluminum box.  One simply stood in the middle of the road daring me to come a little closer.  I chose to wait until it crossed over to the shoulder.  I’m guessing a bull bison can outdo The Rover in a 0-60, although I was holding out hope that the bull was more of a mudder than a hard track runner.

Buff Crossing Bison Moose Caribou

I had to weave through sheep and caribou several times, but neither one of them could smash their head through the door quite like a bull bison.