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Tripod Holds On

Ice Classic Tripod

The tripod is still standing on the Tanana River, and we are nearing a record late breakup in the 97 year old Nenana Ice Classic.  20 May 1964 at 11:24am is the current date of the latest breakup.  Considering that we are going to see low temps in the teens the next couple of nights, it seems like breaking the record is highly likely.

The pot this year for the Classic is $318,500 for the person(s) who picked the correct date & time of the ice going out.

Photo courtesy of the Nenana Ice Classic “Ice Cam”

When the light is just right…


Tok to Fairbanks

“We should have diverted.”

When I left Tok, the sun  was out, temps seemed warm and all was well with the world.  That changed within the first 50 miles of the 200 mile drive.  That’s when the rain came.  I had a client text me.  She was down in Arizona and had returned to the ‘Banks last night.  “Rain, snow, freezing rain, we could see 6″.  We should have diverted.”

I had been tempted when I arrived in Tok.  Say, Canada… mind if I come back in?

It was 33 degs in Fairbanks when I landed.  With rain and snow.  The first thing I did was start a fire in the woodstove.  The cabin was a balmy 40 degs.  The second thing I did was put the battery charger to the Beetle.

5856.8 miles from San Antonio to Fairbanks via Knoxville, Minneapolis and Tacoma.  I don’t count the little side trip to Pittsburgh, since The Rover was not a part of that trip.