The Rover has Full Flaps

Half Flaps Full Flaps

It was a vehicle weekend here in The ‘Banks.  On Saturday, after recuperating from the Solstice fun, I installed a new master cylinder in the Beetle, as well as a couple of new lines.  Luckily, I also installed a set of speed bleeders, because the “friend” who I had to bribe with beer to help bleed the brakes, showed up once I had already bled the vehicle solo.  “Anything I can do to help?”  Nope.  “Where’s the beer?”  You don’t get any.  “Why the hell not?”  You didn’t help, ya slimey bastard.

For those of you who thought The Rover’s mud flaps left a little to be desired, you’ll be happy to know that I installed a new set of those on Sunday, as well as a spiffy new interior mirror.  In the 10 years or so that I have driven The Rover, it has never had a rear view mirror… until Sunday.  Not that I’ve thought about using it yet, but it is there, hanging from the windscreen, looking completely out of place.

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