Daily Archives: 21 August 2013

The Flight of Time

Mariucci G:O Ticket

Wow. The “New” Mariucci Arena opened 20 years ago today. Damn. Hard for me to believe. I remember walking into the “Old” Mariucci Arena like it was yesterday.

21 August 1993. 20 years.


Mariucci at 20

Old Mariucci Arena

The “new” arena is a cathedral for hockey, but I do miss the Old Barn.

If this Alaskan owned an airplane…

Goose Over Water

… it would be a Grumman Goose.

At the end of 2012, PenAir retired its Goose — The Spirit of Akutan II — which ended the commercial flying boat service in Alaska. Since 1977, PenAir’s Goose provided regular air service to the remote Aleutian community of Akutan, where the surf was too rough for the floats of more traditional seaplanes.

The Goose is a beautiful seaplane. With those twin 450 horsepower, Pratt & Whitney radial engines, you’d have no trouble getting your moose out.