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Right up my rally:


Here is an interesting classic for sale:
A 1929 Chrysler Model 75 Competition Roadster.

The roadster is prepped for long distance travel, having finished 2nd in the 15,000 mile, 55 day, Inca Trail Rally in 2001. The ’29 Chrysler has also competed in the 2003 Shield of Africa Rally and the Peking to Paris Event in 2007.


The power plant is a full pressure lubrication straight six, and it has a fully synchronized 4-speed transmission.


The car is for sale out of Lake Elmo, MN for $28,400.


How many cars out there can you buy that has crossed the Gobi Desert, Mongolia and Russia, traveling over 7000 miles in 35 days?

Says the current owner: “This car is the ‘real deal’, and has been driven hard in South America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. It needs a new owner who is adventurous enough to continue this legacy.”

Hopefully, the new owner will sign it up for the 2015 Trans-American Challenge.

A special thanks to Bring-a-Trailer for the car info and photos.

Go out & shoot a roll…

Kodak 66

Happy National Camera Day

Nice Rover:

Royal Rover

Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth at the horse races in 1968, but it’s really about the Rover. Photographer unknown.

“Alaska State Troopers” ends 5 year run

In a bit of news that will probably annoy more friends Outside Alaska than in: the cable show “Alaska State Troopers” will end production as of June 30. The director of the state agency, Col. James Cockrell, has decided not to participate in another season of the so-called reality show.

According to Col. Cockrell, the troopers are going to “focus on our principle mission of providing professional statewide law enforcement without any added outside distractions”.

The show first aired in 2009, and I have yet to see one single episode, although it does seem to be popular Outside, considering how often I get asked about it when I travel.

There has been no confirmation on the rumor of the new show: “NCIS: Anchorage” taking it’s place in the fall lineup.


Griz Trap

Griz Trap

Griz paw

Rovering the Solstice

Photo courtesy of Land Rover

Happy Summer Solstice

It’s a wet one here in the ‘Banks, but I’m hoping you all get out and enjoy the longest day of the year here in the Northern Hemisphere.
We have car shows at the antique auto museum, the Midnight Sun Run, as well as midnight baseball, to just name a few of the Solstice activities in Interior Alaska.

From here on out, we’ll be losing daylight.

It’s all downhill from here:

Frozen Light House

Nuggets Tag

Comic courtesy of Nuggets