Daily Archives: 13 July 2014

Practically practical

I was at a fish fry tonight. Fresh caught halibut and salmon. One of the wonderful perks of an Alaskan summer. I was suppose to go on the trip out of Seward, but the recent rains had my schedule so out of whack, that I had to cancel.

At one point tonight, the conversation took a particularly nasty turn, and someone admitted that they were looking to sell their pickup truck to get a “more practical vehicle”. I shook my head at the absurdity of such a thought, and at the exact time when a friend of mine said, “Well, don’t look to him for advice on ‘practical'”, while pointing at me.

I would have been hurt, if it wasn’t so accurate.

Another friend said, “I don’t know… he has that old Land Rover and he drove it all across the country and down to Mexico and back. Seems pretty practical to me.”

I thanked him for the support, and admitted that a Series Rover and Practical go “almost hand in hand”.

The friend who knows me better then came up and quietly asked, “Has he ever been for a ride in that old Rover of yours?”

“No. He doesn’t have a clue.”