Daily Archives: 5 October 2014


General Maintenance Addition:

Under the Hood

The Rover needed a few normal procedures done, especially with the arrival of snow. The points & condenser had already been replaced, but I also wanted to install new spark plugs and wires.

The Alaska Thermostat & Gaskets

More importantly, I needed to remove the “Texas” Thermostat, and replace it with one more appropriate for a Fairbanks winter.
Sadly, when I placed my order, I found out that the 190 degree “Fairbanks” T-stat was no longer available. When you live in the Arctic, words like that will put a chill into your heart.
I ordered the next best thing, and am fairly confident that the loss of 10 degrees or so, will barely be noticeable.

Sort of confident.

I’m hopeful.

So, I may not be feeling all warm & fuzzy about the news, but I’m kind of stuck with the “Minnesota” thermostat, so that’s what went into the truck.

All of which will lead me to the next project…