Daily Archives: 6 October 2014


New Heated Windscreen

Sometimes it’s good to splurge a little.

I saw these heated windscreens back in May or June, and knew I’d be buying the set at some point. In Fairbanks, anything involving heat tends to get your attention, and anything that can add more heat to a rolling aluminum box will get mine.


My Land Rover was originally imported into Canada. Due to this, it had the cold weather gear that was available to LR at the time. The black defroster plate, in the picture, is powered by the Kodiak Heater. At the time, the Kodiak was the bomb, but it lacks a little in the way of versatility. When you want heat down by the floor, you open the little door on the heater housing. When you want defrost, you close the little door.

Extreme simplicity.

Pulling passenger windscreen

Since the driver’s side glass had a serious crack, and the passenger side had a small crack, the heated replacement glass was an easy sell. Pulling the glass took very little time or effort. It’s held in by thin, aluminum angle channel. It took more time to remove the passenger side wiper motor for future R&R.

So the glass is out, and the windscreen frame is completely clean.