A Little More on Old Mariucci

A Flashback Friday Edition:

As the Gophers face Michigan State at Mariucci Arena tonight, here’s one more view at the Old Barn. Congrats to Nick Lehr on his first collegiate win last night in place of All-American Adam Wilcox. Let’s avoid that first period scare tonight, however.

Scoreboard Wall

Here are two more shots that give a clearer picture of the sloped wall above the goal at one end of the arena.

Sloped ceiling at Mariucci

This is the wall that divides the basketball side from the hockey side of Williams Arena. The sloped ceiling above the goal at this end, is due to the seating on the other side for basketball. As far as I know, it was the only rink in the country with such a quirky feature.

Goldy’s Perch

Goldy's Perch

At the opposite end of the “cubby hole” was a high bank of windows, and right below that is Goldy’s Perch.

Goldy's Perch 2

The Gopher mascot would spend a lot of time up there by the “NE” section, which was the student section. The best part would be seeing Goldy up there on his perch, swinging his broom, while the school band played the “Battle Hymn of the Republic” after a series sweep.

Here’s a video that a Gopher fan took during the final hockey season at Old Mariucci. Notice the “clean” boards. There are very few adverts on the boards, and even center ice is clean with only “Mariucci Arena” imprinted on the ice. What a different era.

A very special thanks goes out to gopherhockeyhistory.com who took the video and photos before the Gophers moved into their new arena. It brought back a lot of good memories. Kudos!

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