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VW Fastback

Type 3 Travels

A Flashback Friday Edition:

Utah Hwy 95 with VW
Photo credit: Canyon Country Zephyr. Check them out!

Just an awesome photo that I came across while doing some research on Glen Canyon. Love the classic VW Squareback along Utah Hwy 95 in 1971. Makes me want to exchange the Bug for a Squareback… and head south.

It can be anyThing!

A Flashback Friday Edition:


$2750.00 back in ’73.

The End of the VW Type 2


The iconic Volkswagen Type 2, or the Camper Van which it is more commonly known as, is about to follow the Beetle into the sunset. The final van will be produced in Sao Bernardo do Campo, Brazil on 20 December of this year, ending a 63 year production run.

Using the same rear engine and axles of the VW Type 1 Beetle, the low cost, robust and easy to repair VW “Bus” gained a loyal fan base of its own.

Volkswagen stopped production of the Type 2 in Germany in 1979, then production stopped in South Africa and Mexico, leaving only the production plant in Brazil which exported to the rest of Latin America.

A special edition model, costing $37,500 will be available to the Brazil market. The demand for that model has been high enough for VW to double the numbers produced. Obviously, that makes it slightly less affordable than during it’s peak.

Rainbow Camper Line Up
A fleet of VW Camper Vans available for rent in Scotland.

VW Lawn Mower