Henry Ford Museum

Dearborn, Michigan

Driving America

While in Detroit, I checked out the Henry Ford Museum. First off, let me tell you, this place is huge and the collection is extensive. I doubt anyone could see everything here in a single day. It is one impressive collection.

HF's Quadcycle
Henry Ford’s first car: The Quadricycle, built in 1896.

'32 Ford V8
Ford’s 1932 V-8 engine takes center stage in front of a 1937 LaSalle Coupe

1931 Bugatti Royale
One of only six: a 1931 Bugatti Royale. “Longer than the Deus, twice the horse power of a Rolls, and more costly than the two of them put together.”

1931 Duesenberg Model 'J'
A 1931 Duesenberg Model ‘J’

Mac's & Chevrolet
Neon, McDonald’s and a 1956 Chevy Bel Air

1959 VW Westfalia
Camping icon: A 1959 VW Westfalia. It looks like it should be parked down by a beach somewhere. Let’s take it out!

The Driving America exhibit, celebrates and at times questions, America’s love affair with the automobile. It truly delves into not only automobiles, but American culture throughout the decades as well and how our vehicles shaped that culture. A first rate exhibit, and a wonderfully diverse collection. It’s not just Fords on display, not by a long shot.

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