Beating a Deadhorse

Prudhoe Bay General Store

It’s been a warm week here in Interior Alaska. 90 degrees hit Fairbanks, although I’m not sure if that was official “Airport Temperature”. It was over 90 on the roof I was replacing, let me tell ya.

How warm was it in the Far North? Deadhorse hit 85! Deadhorse!

Prudhoe Bay Hotel
This is what Deadhorse normally looks like.

Deadhorse lies at the Northern End of the “Haul Road”, or Dalton Highway if you prefer. It is just short of Prudhoe Bay and the Arctic Ocean. 85 degrees was an all time record high for Deadhorse. In fact, it was the warmest temperature ever recorded within 50 miles of Alaska’s Arctic Ocean coastline. The average temperature in Deadhorse at this time of year is 57 degrees.

Even Eagle, the little community on the Yukon River, hit 85 degrees.

I’m not complaining, mind you, even if I was hauling shingles and as wet as a good bird dog during duck season. The last time Fairbanks hit 90 degrees was in 2013. So far in 2016, Alaska’s average temperature is 9 degrees above normal.

Prudhoe Bear Warning

Even at 85 degrees, it’s good to remember that bears like to wander around Deadhorse. As well as caribou, musk oxen, etc.

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4 responses to “Beating a Deadhorse

  • Pete

    Thanks….I know you are just trying to make me feel better, having left Alaska for Texas and we are sharing the misery of 90 degree weather.

  • Larry

    Mike, What was the coldest temperature during the 2016 part of your winter season?? I’ve always thought not many cities in the world could have the temperature variance (between low and high) that Fairbanks can have. If your, to date, low temp was minus 40 and your high is 90 degrees that equals a mind blowing variance of 130 degrees. Interesting stuff. Don’t forget your sun screen along with the mosquito spray !!! LOL

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