Going solo

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“… the ideal companion is rare, and in default of him it is better to make a long journey alone. One’s company in a strange world.”
— Peter Fleming, “One’s Company”

“Even if I should, by some awful chance, find a hair upon my bread and honey – at any rate it is my own hair.”
— Katherine Mansfield, from her “Journal”.

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2 responses to “Going solo

  • Pete

    After fourteen years living alone in the wilderness I found the only thing I missed because of living that way was the sharing of the wonders I witnessed each day.

    • icefogger

      I do agree with you 100% Pete; it’s a major enjoyment, when one is able to share it. But not being able to find a companion to take part in a journey, won’t stop me from going. That’s what I liked about the quote.

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