Oscar Scherer State Park

Oscar Scherer trails

It was “All Trails Day” in Oscar Scherer on the Saturday I was there. Volunteers were staged at various intervals with stamps, so that hikers could prove they hiked all the trails in the park. Since I just stumbled onto the event, I had to continually tell the “stampers” that I was unofficially on the trek. I had hiked two trails the day before, so I hiked only the ones that were new to me. Still, incredibly kind people manning the stations, and I had some great conversations with several of the volunteers.

Lake Osprey
Lake Osprey

South Creek runs through the park, in fact, I was camped on its bank. The offer a guided moonlight canoe trip at night down the creek, which is a trip I highly recommend. Only the guide up front has a headlamp, the rest of the group members have glow sticks slung over their backs, for canoeists to follow. It should be noted: The guide specifically told me, that if you are not from Florida, he will not point out the alligators to you while on the float.

South Creek
South Creek

South Creek Swimmer
South Creek Wildlife

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