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Golden Rule of The Incas

“Ama sua, ama llula, ama cheklla.”

Translated: “Do not steal, do not lie, do not be lazy.”

Leave it to the Sourdoughs

I love the sourdough reference:

“In the spring and summer of 1910, as (Hiram) Bingham sat in New Haven sifting through the evidence about Vilcabamba (Peru) … the newly self-described explorer would have found it almost impossible to pick up a newspaper without reading about one expedition or another. (Dr. Frederick) Cook and (Robert) Peary were feuding publicly over who had reached the North Pole first. Norway’s (Roald) Amundsen sent England’s (Robert Falcon) Scott a telegram announcing that he planned to beat him to the South Pole. And a group of amateur “sourdoughs” shocked the mountaineering world with their claim to have climbed the north summit of Mount McKinley, fueled by doughnuts and hot chocolate.”

from: “Turn Right at Machu Picchu” by Mark Adams

Alaska Sidenote:

Frederick Cook claimed, in 1906, to have been the first to summit Mt McKinley. His claim has since been discredited.

Fake Peak

Noted explorer and photographer (among other trades) Bradford Washburn, later proved that none of the photographs that Cook took on his 1906 McKinley Expedition had been taken anywhere near the summit. In fact, the peak in the photo above, which Cook claimed was Denali’s summit, is now known as Fake Peak.

The four locals, Tom Lloyd, Peter Anderson, Billy Taylor, and Charles McGonagall, which became known as “The Sourdough Expedition”, attempted the North Summit in 1910, while carrying a spruce pole. Two of the Sourdoughs did make the summit. Their claim was not believed until 1913, when another team climbed the North Summit, and found the spruce pole that the Sourdoughs had erected near the top. The team of sourdoughs had absolutely no climbing experience whatsoever.

A special shoutout to Mr Mark Adams. Love the book so far. Don’t forget your second pair of socks.



It’s still dropping below zero at night here in Alaska’s mid-section.

In the “Why Can’t People Make up Their Minds?” Department:
I found out late last night that my entire plans for work this summer (not to mention future travel plans) have been thrown out the window, blown about by the wind, reshuffled, stomped on, and come out WTF? Somehow, I have to figure out how to compact more work than I normally get in a year into 5-6 months. I have no idea how I am going to pull this off. The plus side, is that I now see a path to a clear schedule once I get to autumn and with enough money to run away. Of course, it would be nice to be in physical condition to actually enjoy that clear schedule once I stumble & limp my way to it.

The honest definition of entropy: “The more time one spends on planning out life’s schedule, the less time it takes for someone else to throw it into complete dissaray.” —MTP