“What the heck are ya drivin?”

Driving south of Dodge, a truck was coming up from behind just as my lane was coming to an end. I slowed to let him get around, but he stopped and blocked my way. I was blocking the entrance to Hwy 54 and he was blocking Hwy 283. No problem, we’re in Kansas, there was no one behind us.
“What kind of vehicle is that?”
“A Land Rover.”
“That is so cool!”
“What year is it?”
“What a great truck! You’re from Alaska?”
“No problems?”
“How cool. I’m going to look them up online.”
“I think you should. Umm… I’m trying to go that way… On 283.”
“You go right ahead. I’ll wait.”

On the flip side: four girls passed me in Missouri and they were laughing. I mean, bent over double with laughter. It would seem the women of Missouri like ’em younger.

Cue The Doors “Peace Frog” now…

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