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We camped out at Lake Casa Blanca last night in Laredo.  A beautiful clear night, although the wind did pick up during the night.  Some great people run the park, and several stopped by to see how things were going and we were met when we tried to exit the park as well.

Unfortunately, I noticed a wet tire on the Rover in the morning, which left little doubt as to what the problem was.  I googled some shops in Laredo, but few were interested in looking at an old Series, and none gave me confidence.
British 4×4 Centre in San Antonio were interested in looking at the old truck, so after a short debate, we made the drive back.  I figured I might as well have someone who know Rovers look the truck over.
Sure enough, the driver’s side front wheel cylinder was leaking, and they should have me back on the road by noon tomorrow.  We’ll see, but they had the Rover in the garage immediately, which says a lot.  I am also having them change the oil and dilute the antifreeze mix.


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